Open Distance Learning

Open Distance Learning (ODL) is a mode of study that eliminates the necessity for teachers and students to be at the same time and at the same place. ODL offers flexibility for both teachers and students that need to conduct teaching and learning activities with their own space and time. Therefore, this mode of study is suitable for working adults, which they can work and learn at the same time.


ICYM ODL offers great opportunity for working adults who want to pursue their studies without leaving their job. You can choose your own learning time, anytime and anywhere without coming to our college. Our learning management system (LMS) contains all learning theories, activities, and assessments that enable you to acquire diploma at your own convenience.


All the teaching and learning activities are conduct 100% online using our LMS. Once you register you will get an id and password for the LMS access and you can start to learn.

Open Distance Learning

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