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Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)


unikl 494cbUniversiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) is a multi-campus university technical university with its main campus based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rated as a Tier-5 "Excellent University" by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in 2009, 2011, and 2013 UniKL has 14 institutes spread across 12 campuses throughout Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Gombak, Cheras, Bangi, Kajang, Sepang, Taboh Naning, Pasir Gudang, Ipoh, Lumut and Kulim.

Today, UniKL-ICYM collaboration programme has emerged with a well-earned reputation for providing an exclusive education experience endowing graduates with high employability. Qualified, experienced and dedicated lecturers are helping students excel in their studies. Therefore, UniKL-ICYM graduates are trained to be proficient in their respective disciplines through the offering of core courses while quality forms the basis of all products and processes.

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Al-Fatih Islamic Institute

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International College of Yayasan Melaka (ICYM) melakar sejarah dengan menandatangani Memorandum Persefahaman (MoU) bersama “Al-Fatih Islamic Campus” cawangan “A-Sham Higher Institute”, sebuah universiti terkemuka Syria bagi meningkatkan kerjasama pendidikan.

MoU ditandatangani Ketua Eksekutif ICYM Datuk Saroni Judi manakala Al Fatih Islamic Campus pula diwakili Presidennya Profesor Dr. Husam Eddin Farfour Turut hadir sama Mufti Damascus, Syria, Profesor Dr. Abdul Fattah Al-Bezm, Pendaftar ICYM, Aminalrashid Mohd Hussain dan Naib Presiden Akademik ICYM, Jasmy Fazdy Abdul Aziz..

Dengan termeterainya perjanjian ini, ICYM akan menjadi pusat pembelajaran “Al-Fatih Islamic Campus” dalam usaha mewujudkan peluang bagi pelajar melanjutkan pengajian ke peringkat ijazah.

Menurut Saroni, kerjasama ini mampu memantapkan program yang ditawarkan di ICYM selain meningkatkan bidang pendidikan di negara ini. MoU juga melibatkan kerjasama franchais bagi pengajian peringkat ijazah. dalam bidang Undang-undang Islam, Perbankan Islam, “Usul Al-Din” dan Bahasa Arab.

“Dengan pengalaman menawarkan program-program kerjasama dari univesiti-universiti lain, saya yakin ICYM mampu menyediakan program pendidikan terkini yang berkualiti dengan standard antarabangsa “ ujurnya.

Tambahan pula ini merupakan “path-way” bagi para pelajar lepasan diploma untuk melanjutkan di pengajian ijazah dan. kerjasama erat ini adalah satu usaha merealisasikan ‘co-branding' sebagai nilai tambah atau “value added” kepada program-program diploma ICYM.

Kepada ALUMNI Al-Fatih Islamic Institute, ICYM ingin menjemput anda bersama sama kami membangunkan usahasama ini dalam membantu anak bangsa maju kehadapan. Sila hubungi kami untuk maklumat atau cadangan lanjut. Atau tinggalkan maklumbalas atau komen anda dibawah. Insyallah

  • Ustaz Abdul Aziz - 06 - 281 7732 - Ext 266 / 268
  • Ustazah Masita Sulaimi - 06 - 281 7732 - Ext 266 / 268

Al-Fatih Islamic Institute:

Established in (1956 A.D. /1375 H) by the renowned Scholar Muhammad Saleh Al-Farfour, The institute is a kind of reformist and charitable society.

Initially, the institute was a sort of activities practiced in the form of a mosque- "halaqat" (i.e. Semicircle groups) of students of religion tutored by Sheikh Saleh. These halaqat were directed by the sheikh saleh al-Farfour in Umayyad Mosque and some other mosques in Damascus. Having increased in number and activity it turned to be "Fatih Islamic Charitable Society". Later on the halaqat turned to an institute. The institute was very famous and of high credibility that many imams and scholars came from various towns of Syria, Turkey, Ethiopia, Jordan and other countries to join it. At the time, the institute was only five classes. Upon achieving more and more success the institute assembled all its branches of education into its large present site next to Bilal Mosque, ‘Dawwar al-Matar’ (airport roundabout), Damascus. In 1983 Sheikh Saleh appointed Dr. Abdul Fattah al-Bizm, the grand mufti of Damascus, as the director of al-Fatih Institute (official decision of his appointment was issued 4/10/1984, Ministry of Waqf no. 372/). After the demise of sheikh Saleh, the institute was presided by the highly esteemed Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Al-halabi. As for Dr. Husam al-Farfour (the son of M. Saleh), he is currently the head of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies departments.

The Institute’s Goals:

  • To raise the standards of the Muslim Community by spreading the real Islamic Science and cultural concepts among them.
  • To invite mankind to Allah based on clear evidence. To adopt a moderate way in Da’wah and to avoid excessiveness and extremism.
  • To bring up a good and righteous generation who are faithful to Allah, their religion, and their nation "Ummah",
  • To instill sound Faith, good knowledge, righteous acts and morals in their minds so that they can spread The Islam of tolerance, brotherhood, mercy and justice to everyone in this world.
  • To invite to Allah in a wise and reasonable way and with the kind word. To harmonize Muslim’s minds and hearts to understand Shari’ah and Truth so that they co-exist smoothly with the modern ways of life.
  • To balance between religion and Science; Islam and Arab culture; originality of the past and the modernity of today.
  • The Development of Islamic sciences in a constructive manner whose prime concern is to keep the pristine foundations of Islam.
  • To tackle the crisis of religious consciousness and intellectual bankruptcy from which our generations have been suffering.
  • To spread a sound, religious awareness, as well as guided education.

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