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Pre Departure Check List

1. A credit card will be handy. It is advisable that money should be brought into Malaysia in Travellers Cheques for safety. Ideally it should cover the first month’s expenses. Three (3) months will be best. It should cover your daily expenses such as food and important items like accommodation costs, books and stationery.

Do not bring too many personal items, just the essential ones. Important personal items to pack:

  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc.)
  • Bed linen (sheet and pillow case) – 1 set
  • Bath towel
  • Adapter plugs (220 - 240 volts / 50 cycle AC system.)
  • Basic Stationery
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash due to risk of theft or loss. Never put cash into checked-in luggage.
  • Many students find prices of things in Malaysia cheaper or same as back home. Food, clothes, cosmetics, household items, electrical and electronic goods are conveniently available from shops in and around the campus.

2. Important documents to bring along:

  • Passport
  • Flight Ticket
  • Driver's License
  • Acceptance Letter and Immigration Approval Letter
  • Original Academic Qualification transcript - in English (compulsory)
  • Receipts / proof of payments
  • Important phone numbers
  • 3. It is wise to keep clear photocopies of important documents (e.g. Offer and Acceptance Letters, Academic certificates, Qualifications, receipts, passport, ID cards, etc.)

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Post - Arrival Procedure to ICYM College


Step 1

Report to International Office, ICYM College

All new international students must report to the IO upon arrival or on the next business day. The following needs to be done at the IO:

  1. Fill Up Relevant Forms
    • Student Data Form
    • Insurance Form
  2. Welcome Kit
    • Students will be briefed on the Welcome Kit consisting of:
    • Welcome Letter
    • International Student handbook
    • Embassies addresses and phone numbers
  3. Other Matters
    • A Bank Introduction letter will be given for opening a bank accounts.

Students are given one (1) week to settle such matters after which they must hand in passports to IO for endorsement at the Immigration Department.

Students are advised not to make travel plans out of Malaysia during this time.

Students are required to settle the initial RM15,000 (Pre-U & Diploma) or RM18,000 (Bachelor degree) advance fees before being eligible to commence classes.

Step 2


It is COMPULSORY for students to attend the orientation scheduled. Important information is communicated for studies in Malaysia.

All students are required to sit for the English Placement Test (EPT). The test will be held at Language Lab (located at 2nd Floor in ICYM KL Building). The EPT results will be released the following day by their respective Schools.

Students who do not meet the English requirement may be required to undergo an Intensive English Programme for a minimum period of 10 weeks or additional remedial English classes in the first semester.

Step 3

Submission of Passport for StudentPass Endorsement / Extension

New students MUST submit their passport for endorsement. Visa charges are imposed by the Immigration Dept according to country of origin. Endorsements by the Immigration Dept may take up to eight (8) weeks.

Students will be issued a receipt and copy of their passport as temporary identification pending the endorsement process.

Failure to hand in passports for endorsement may result in students overstaying their current visit passes or be classified as illegal immigrants by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


For students who need Student Pass extensions:

  • Submit passport and required documents one (1) month before the current Student Pass expires. Failure to do so may result in late approvals, additional payments and penalties to obtain a Special Pass to avoid overstaying.
  • Extensions by the Immigration Dept takes up to four (4) weeks. However during festive and holiday seasons it could take longer. It is advisable to submit passports early for renewal. Students are requested not to make travel plans outside Malaysia during the endorsement process.

Penalties exist for expired visas.

Overstaying is a serious offence under Malaysian law. It can result in imprisonment and deportation. You can be denied entry into Malaysia in the future if you have a record created for overstaying your visa.

Compound fines for overstaying Student Passes is RM1,000 and increases for repeat offences.

In addition ICYM College also imposes fines up to RM1,000 to cover emergency administrative paperwork and manpower to solve cases.

Students are referred to ICYM College's Rules & Regulations governing their academic rights and obligations during their tenure of study in ICYM College

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Immigration Info

immigration-1 2

Step 1
Submissions of Documents Please refer to the Application Procedures section for updated information

Step 2
Letter of Offer
Upon receivingthe required documents, application fees and meeting the entry requirements, ICYM College will send the Offer Letter

Step 3
Await approvals from MOHE and Immigration Dept
ICYM College will submit the qualifications to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) for further approval. May require about one (3) weeks.
Upon approval by MOHE, the application will be sent to the Malaysian Immigration Department for the issuance of a Student Pass (student visa) approval letter. May require another two (3) weeks.
Applications to the MOHE and Immigration Dept about 2 months before the intake date. Reason is because approvals are valid for only 2 months.

Step 4
Remit Advance Fees for first payment
Upon approval of the Student Pass, student will be notified by the ISO.

As a pre-condition for release of Student Pass Approval Letter the Advance Fees of RM15,000 (pre-U & Diploma) or RM18,000 (Bachelor degree) needs to be paid. If Malaysian Ringgit is not available, the equivalent value in other international currencies is acceptable (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SGD, etc.).

Remitted amounts in excess of the first semester’s fees are credited to the following semester. If student leaves ICYM College, this pre-paid amount and deposits are fully refundable. Refer to Payment Instructions for bank telegraphic transfer details. Please show us the T/T confirmation printout from your bank for us to trace.

Step 5
Wait for Student Pass Approval Letter to arrive
Upon confirmation of Advance Fees received by our Finance Dept, ICYM will send the original Student Pass (Visa) Approval Letter by courier to the student.
Arrangements will be made for arrival in Malaysia.

General Information

  1. The issuance of Student Pass (Visa) Approval Letter by the Malaysian Immigration Department takes up to one (1) month. It is the prerogative of the Immigration authorities to approve or reject visa applications.
  2. Students are responsible to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country for visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, the student may need to apply for a Single-Entry Visa to enter Malaysia, in order to avoid a fine or being turned back at the airport.
  3. Students from yellow fever endemic areas (e.g. Africa, Central and South America) are required to take the necessary inoculations. The vaccination certificate will be verified by the Health & Quarantine officers in the Airport.

Students are referred to ICYM College's Rules & Regulations governing their academic rights and obligations during their tenure of study in ICYM College.

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International Application Documents Required


All International Students should read the requirements for enrolment carefully and ensure all information is complete before submission.

Fill up and submit the International Student Application Form. To avoid delays, please ensure that all information is complete, with the following documents attached:

  1. Seven (7) recent passport type photos (4 x 5.5 cm).
  2. One (1) set photocopy of your passport - include all pages, including blank pages. (Passports should be valid for at least one year from the intake date).
  3. Certified true copies of all relevant academic transcripts and examination results
  4. Medical Health Examination Report
  5. If financed by scholarship / study loan, documented evidence must be attached
  6. English translations of all documents submitted, if necessary.
  7. RM 500 Course Application fee (non-refundable).
  8. Hostel Application Form (if you require accommodation).
  9. RM 500 Hostel Application fee, if required (non-refundable).
  10. RM 500 Application and Registration Fee for Intensive English Programme (IEP), if required.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Please mail or courier or fax to :

International College of Yayasan Melaka
No.1, Jalan Bukit Sebukor
75150, Melaka, MALAYSIA

Email: info@icym.edu.my

  • Please include the Application Fees with the Application Form. Remittances by electronic transfers should be evidenced by a clear copy of the bank confirmation advice and referenced with the student’s particulars – name, passport no., course and intake month and year.
  • Please email us first for your academic eligibility before submitting an application. Offer Letters will be sent to successful applicants (please allow 1-2 weeks).
  • The College will also apply for a Student Pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department. This may take about 2-3 weeks. We advise that all application forms arrive eight (8) weeks before the intake dates.

Additional Documents required

If you graduated from an international high school in Malaysia:

  • School Leaving Certificate or Completion Certificate

If you have previously studied in another higher education institution (college or university level) in Malaysia, additional documents needed are:

  • Release Letter (from former institution) and
  • Attendance Report (must be at least 80% attendance).

International students from other higher education institutions in Malaysia who intend to change institutions before successfully completing their courses will need approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and Immigration Department.

Payment Instructions

New International students starting their first semester in ICYM are required to make an initial payment of RM15,000. Amounts in excess of the first semester’s tuition fees will be transferred to the next semester’s fees. Student Pass (Visa) Approval Letters will be sent upon confirmation of such payments.

Please refer to the Payment Instructions section for payment menthods and information.

Important Note: Telegraphic Transfers may take up to 14 working days to reach our bank account. This should be taken into account when remitting funds.

If Malaysian Ringgit is not available, the equivalent amounts in international currencies are also acceptable (e.g. USD, AUD, SGD, EUR, GBP etc.)

Application and Registration fees are non-refundable. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Late Applications

If your application arrives in ICYM College 14 days or less before the intake date, it will be considered a Late Application.

If the prospective student is eligible and wishes to proceed with the application, the Advance Fee of RM16,000 or RM18,000 (depending on program) must be paid before an Offer Letter can be issued. This amount is separate from the initial RM500 Application Fee.

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  • ong 65e06Throughout my studies in ICYM, I have encountered many challenges and obstacles. However, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to gain knowledge here and also to engage in co-curriculum activities organized by the college. For me, ICYM is the best choice. 

    Ong Wei Sin • Diploma in Marketing • Best Student

  • fadzlina c3e6cI think ICYM has done a great job, especially during my student’s life in campus. I like the multi-cultural environment in ICYM that depicts the feel of 1 Malaysia. During my studies in ICYM, I have became more confident, able to improve my skills and possessed the sense of believing my self. As a whole ICYM was able to overtime any locking. I will definitely introduce ICYM to my friends.

    Nor Fadzlina Mukhtar • Diploma in Network Technology  Best Student

  • asyrafabMy learning experience in ICYM was very good and interesting and I can learn a lot about animation technology. Lectures in ICYM are very experienced in this industry compared to other colleges. They taught us all the knowledge about animation so the that we can improve our experience in the animation industry today.

    Mohd Asyraf Abd Rahman • Diploma in Animation, Lead Animator, Les’ Copaque Production

  • leekamThere is always a motivating environment in ICYM drives me to success. Spending time together with lectures and friends enable us to learn our own mistakes. Learning experience has turned me into an all-rounded individual. It was an extraordinary experience for me.

    Lee Kam Shann • Diploma in Multimedia Technology Best Student

  • asyrafI am grateful to be given the opportunity to study in ICYM as I am able to increase my knowledge in Animation, theoretically and practically. ICYM is definitely the right choice for those who want to learn in the field of Animation because the college has provided the complete and conducive environment for learning as well as practical experiences. 

    Asyraf Abdullah • Diploma in Animation Technology ,Senior Render Artist & Technical Manager, Les’ Copaque Production

  • intanBecoming an ICYM graduate is a prestigious acknowledgement. I would like to thank all my lecturers for their dedications and self esteems, as well as having the reputation as honourable academicians and educators. I am really touched by their personality and professionalism shown. Thank you for guiding and transforming us for what we are today.

    Intan Safinas Haji Abdul Samat • Diploma in Media Technology Executive, Education & Training