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School of Media Technology and Arts

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Communication and arts are crucial in our daily lives. The influences of both disciplines are obvious and will develop in line with the advancement of technology. STMS was established to offer a broader perspective of education in arts and media based on current industrial needs.


  • Special Jury Award (animation) - Malaysia Student Film & Video Festival 2007
  • Award For The Best Advertising and Promo Category - Malaysia Student Film & Video Festival 2007
  • Best Animation Malaysia Student Film & Video Festival, 2013 


  • Animation Lab
  • Animation Studio
  • Video Editing Studio
  • TV Studio
  • Multiple Camera Production (MCP)
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Gallery

Academic Strength

  • Liaises closely with industries on a regular basis to ensure all the programmes offered contain the element required to the needs of the industries.
  • To date, many STMS graduates are successfully employed in various media and animation industries and organizations throughout Malaysia.
  • 95% of our graduate are employed by companies like Inspedia, Les Copaque, Lensa Film, Funcel, Animatrix etc
  • STMS staff and lecturers are specifically selected to assist and guide students in their academic performance.
  • Instructors have real world experience in media and animation industry.
  • The big names in Animation and Media industry actively visit the school and recruit future graduates during “Diploma Show”
  • Offer quality Animation and Media technology programmes at the affordable fee.

Alumni Testimonial

asyrafab“My experience studying in ICYM is very good and exciting and I have learned all about animation technology. ICYM lecturers are experienced trainers in the industry compared to other colleges. They also provided all of us with the specific knowledge of animation to enhance the students in the animation industry today. This gives ICYM the advantage and allows its graduates to compete actively and successfully in the working environment later”
Name: Mohd Asyraf Abd Rahman
Diploma Animation Technology
Occupation: Lead Animator
Les’Copaque Production (producer of Upin & Ipin)

Academic Members: Only Viewable For Registered Members

Diploma Animasi MARA Multimedia Upin Ipin Teater Media Seni

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  • ong 65e06Throughout my studies in ICYM, I have encountered many challenges and obstacles. However, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to gain knowledge here and also to engage in co-curriculum activities organized by the college. For me, ICYM is the best choice. 

    Ong Wei Sin • Diploma in Marketing • Best Student

  • fadzlina c3e6cI think ICYM has done a great job, especially during my student’s life in campus. I like the multi-cultural environment in ICYM that depicts the feel of 1 Malaysia. During my studies in ICYM, I have became more confident, able to improve my skills and possessed the sense of believing my self. As a whole ICYM was able to overtime any locking. I will definitely introduce ICYM to my friends.

    Nor Fadzlina Mukhtar • Diploma in Network Technology  Best Student

  • asyrafabMy learning experience in ICYM was very good and interesting and I can learn a lot about animation technology. Lectures in ICYM are very experienced in this industry compared to other colleges. They taught us all the knowledge about animation so the that we can improve our experience in the animation industry today.

    Mohd Asyraf Abd Rahman • Diploma in Animation, Lead Animator, Les’ Copaque Production

  • leekamThere is always a motivating environment in ICYM drives me to success. Spending time together with lectures and friends enable us to learn our own mistakes. Learning experience has turned me into an all-rounded individual. It was an extraordinary experience for me.

    Lee Kam Shann • Diploma in Multimedia Technology Best Student

  • asyrafI am grateful to be given the opportunity to study in ICYM as I am able to increase my knowledge in Animation, theoretically and practically. ICYM is definitely the right choice for those who want to learn in the field of Animation because the college has provided the complete and conducive environment for learning as well as practical experiences. 

    Asyraf Abdullah • Diploma in Animation Technology ,Senior Render Artist & Technical Manager, Les’ Copaque Production

  • intanBecoming an ICYM graduate is a prestigious acknowledgement. I would like to thank all my lecturers for their dedications and self esteems, as well as having the reputation as honourable academicians and educators. I am really touched by their personality and professionalism shown. Thank you for guiding and transforming us for what we are today.

    Intan Safinas Haji Abdul Samat • Diploma in Media Technology Executive, Education & Training