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What Happens To Your Body When You Fly And How To Beat The Pain 2 of 2

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This is the biggest issue for most travellers and the most controversial on health grounds. Apart from the sheer discomfort of minimal legroom - cramps, neck cricks and so on - long periods of immobility lead to a higher risk of DVT, and the risks may be greater at lower pressure.

DVT occurs when blood in the lower leg flows sluggishly and eventually clots, causing pain and swelling in the short term and a risk of sudden death from clots reaching the heart or lungs.

The solution

  • Buy as much legroom as you can afford
  • Wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes.
  • Get up and walk around the cabin at least once every hour and exercise in your seat either by alternately tensing and relaxing your calf muscles or by using a specially designed exerciser such as the Aerogym or Push-Cush. These are two-chambered air-pillows that you push with your feet, squeezing air back and forth from one side to the other.
  • Avoid crossing your legs, or keeping the same position for a prolonged period. • Don’t take sleeping pills unless you are able to sleep in a horizontal position.
  • Consider wearing compression stockings such as the Mediven travel stocking, which increase the pressure around the lower leg and help to prevent clots forming.


Being unable to sleep properly is one of the worst frustrations. It can be made worse by the inevitable stresses of travel and fear of flying. The solution Try to book day-time flights whenever possible. Make a conscious effort to keep calm and relaxed - give yourself plenty of time to check in, for example. Eat only a light meal before trying to sleep. Try an inflatable neck support to avoid cricks. Be wary of sleeping pills (see opposite).


As a rough guide, for each time zone you cross where the clock moves forward or back by an hour, it takes about a day for your body’s natural rhythm to re-adjust to the change. After a long flight you can be left feeling ill, disorientated and unable to keep awake during the day, or you may find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night. Some people suffer more than others, but few of us escape entirely. The farther east or west you fly, the worse you are likely to feel, though many people believe that the shortened nights that you suffer when flying west to east make things worse.

The solutions

  • Some of the advice for avoiding fatigue, such as taking day flights where possible, and avoiding heavy meals just before trying to sleep, also applies to dealing with jet lag. But there are other things you can do.
  • Avoid the problem altogether - if you are simply looking for winter sun, for example, choose destinations in Spain, Portugal or western/ southern Africa, which are within the same or similar time zones to the UK
  • Fly in a westerly direction when travelling around the world - but try not to nap during flights or you might have difficulty sleeping when you arrive
  • Set your watch to the new time when you board the plane - it helps you start adjusting as early as possible.
  • On arrival, try to keep awake until bedtime, and try to stay in bed until it is time to get up. Sleeping pills might help you adjust if taken at the right time.
  • Some people believe that the hormone melatonin (which can be bought in the United States in health food shops but is not available in Britain) helps them sleep better and adjust to new time zones more quickly.

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Tawaran Khas untuk lepasan SPM/STPM/STAM/Diploma/Matrikulasi/Asasi Sempena Ulang Tahun ke 20 ICYM

  1. Biasiswa Penginapan dan Pengangkutan bagi Program Diploma dan Ijazah
  2. Pembiayaan/Penajaan Penuh daripada PTPK bagi Program Sijil


Langkah 1, Biasiswa - Klik Sini
Langkah 2Pilih Program

Foundation / Diploma Foundation In Information Technology Foundation In Management Diploma In Entrepreneurship Diploma In Marketing Diploma In Accountancy Diploma In Islamic Financial Planning Diploma In Culinary Arts Diploma In Hotel Management Diploma In Tourism Management Diploma In Animation Technology Diploma In Media Technology Diploma In Theatrical Arts And Technology Diploma In Multimedia Technology Diploma In Information Technology Diploma In Computer Networking Diploma In Cyber Security Diploma In Electrical Technology Diploma In Industrial Electronic Technology Diploma In Early Childhood Education Diploma In Guidance & Counseling Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Technology Kerjasama Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Diploma In Technology Management (UTM) Diploma In Technology Management (Accounting) (UTM) Diploma In Computer Science (Information Technology) (UTM) Sarjana Muda Sains (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia) (UTM) Sarjana Muda Pengurusan (Pemasaran) (UTM) Sarjana Muda Sains Komputer (Perisian Grafik & Multimedia) (UTM) Sarjana Muda Sains Komputer (Rangkaian & Keselamatan) (UTM) Professional License Aircraft Maintenance License Technician (AML-T) DCAM-PT-66 CAT A1 Aircraft Maintenance License Engineer (AML-E) DCAM-PT-66 CAT B1-1 Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) / Short Course Lukisan Pelan Senibina / Juruteknik Elektrik / Teknologi Automotif / Pembuatan Pastri Program Tajaan Ground Handling Management (GHM) PTPTN Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar UPU KWSP YAYASAN PENERAJU UPEN PTPK TAPEM YAYASAN NEGERI ZAKAT MARA UNIVERSITI ISLAM ANTARABANGSA MALAYSIA (IIUM) UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA (UKM) UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA (UKM) UNIVERSITI MALAYA UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN (UMK) UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG (UMP) UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PERLIS (UNIMAP) UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH (UMS) UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (UNIMAS) (KOTA SAMARAHAN) UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA TERENGGANU (UMT) UNIVERSITI PENDIDIKAN SULTAN IDRIS (UPSI) UNIVERSITI PERTAHANAN NASIONAL MALAYSIA UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA (UPM) UNIVERSITI SAINS ISLAM MALAYSIA (USIM) UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA (USM) UNIVERSITI SULTAN ZAINAL ABIDIN (UNISZA) UNIVERSITI TEKNIKAL MALAYSIA MELAKA (UTEM) UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA (UTM) UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA UNIVERSITI TUN HUSSEIN ONN MALAYSIA (UTHM) UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA (UUM)

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  • ong 65e06Throughout my studies in ICYM, I have encountered many challenges and obstacles. However, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to gain knowledge here and also to engage in co-curriculum activities organized by the college. For me, ICYM is the best choice. 

    Ong Wei Sin • Diploma in Marketing • Best Student

  • fadzlina c3e6cI think ICYM has done a great job, especially during my student’s life in campus. I like the multi-cultural environment in ICYM that depicts the feel of 1 Malaysia. During my studies in ICYM, I have became more confident, able to improve my skills and possessed the sense of believing my self. As a whole ICYM was able to overtime any locking. I will definitely introduce ICYM to my friends.

    Nor Fadzlina Mukhtar • Diploma in Network Technology  Best Student

  • asyrafabMy learning experience in ICYM was very good and interesting and I can learn a lot about animation technology. Lectures in ICYM are very experienced in this industry compared to other colleges. They taught us all the knowledge about animation so the that we can improve our experience in the animation industry today.

    Mohd Asyraf Abd Rahman • Diploma in Animation, Lead Animator, Les’ Copaque Production

  • leekamThere is always a motivating environment in ICYM drives me to success. Spending time together with lectures and friends enable us to learn our own mistakes. Learning experience has turned me into an all-rounded individual. It was an extraordinary experience for me.

    Lee Kam Shann • Diploma in Multimedia Technology Best Student

  • asyrafI am grateful to be given the opportunity to study in ICYM as I am able to increase my knowledge in Animation, theoretically and practically. ICYM is definitely the right choice for those who want to learn in the field of Animation because the college has provided the complete and conducive environment for learning as well as practical experiences. 

    Asyraf Abdullah • Diploma in Animation Technology ,Senior Render Artist & Technical Manager, Les’ Copaque Production

  • intanBecoming an ICYM graduate is a prestigious acknowledgement. I would like to thank all my lecturers for their dedications and self esteems, as well as having the reputation as honourable academicians and educators. I am really touched by their personality and professionalism shown. Thank you for guiding and transforming us for what we are today.

    Intan Safinas Haji Abdul Samat • Diploma in Media Technology Executive, Education & Training